Environment and Breast Cancer: Science Review

Evidence From Humans
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This article is not a primary breast cancer epidemiology research report. It is provided as a supplementary resource for interpreting the epidemiological literature.
Breast cancer and environmental risks: where is the link?
Mitra, A. K., Faruque, F. S., Avis, A. L. Journal of Environmental Health. 2004. 66:7, 24-32, 40; quiz 41-2.
Topic area
Environmental pollutant - Pesticides, organochlorine, PCB, DDE, DDT, Dieldri
Results Comments
Conclusions are drawn based on a limited selection of articles (e.g. 2 for organochlorines, 3 for PCBs).
Author address
Center for Community Health, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS 39406-5122, USA. amal.mitra@usm.edu