Environment and Breast Cancer: Science Review

The FDA does not safety test personal care products before they go to market. Some carcinogens are used to create cosmetics, such as urethane and 1,2 propylene oxide.
Evidence From Animals

2017 Update

In 2006, we conducted a systematic search of scientific research indexed in the online medical resource PubMed, and identified 450 primary epidemiologic research articles on breast cancer and environmental pollutants, physical activity, body size, and prospective studies of dietary factors. Review methods are described in the review articles published in Cancer, as listed to the left.

We have since updated our systematic search for epidemiologic publications on breast cancer and environmental pollutants, identifying 151 primary epidemiologic research articles and 7 meta-analyses published between June 2006 and June 2016 and indexed in PubMed. Search methods are described in the review article published in Environmental Research, as listed to the left. The Science Review database now includes assessments of these 158 reports.

For each article, the Science Review database includes quick access to basic study information and critical assessments:

  • the bibliographic citation and abstract or a link to a copyrighted abstract
  • information about the study population, exposure assessment method, study design, results, and analyses of ethnic minority populations, early life exposures, or interactions with inherited genes.
  • assessments of the study's strengths and weaknesses, and
  • interpretation of the study's results

Articles are searchable by topic. In addition, the database includes about 50 citations to review articles, methods papers, and exposure assessments that aid in interpreting the primary research. The database includes studies of environmental pollutants published through June 2016 and in other topic areas through May 2005.