Environment and Breast Cancer: Science Review

Evidence From Humans
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This article is not a primary breast cancer epidemiology research report. It is provided as a supplementary resource for interpreting the epidemiological literature.
Maternal and gestational correlates of pregnancy prolactin and growth hormone in USA and China
Xu, B., Lipworth, L., Wide, L., Wuu, J., Yu, S. Z., Lagiou, P., Kuper, H., Hankinson, S. E., Carlstrom, K., Adami, H. O., Trichopoulos, D., Hsieh, C. C. European Journal of Cancer Prevention. 2003. 12:1, 35-42.
Topic area
Early life exposures
Author address
Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, Fundan University (formerly Shanghai Medical University), Shanghai, China.