Environment and Breast Cancer: Science Review

Evidence From Humans
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This article is not a primary breast cancer epidemiology research report. It is provided as a supplementary resource for interpreting the epidemiological literature.
Etiological factors and mechanism involved in relationships between pesticide exposure and cancer
Bounias, M. J Environ Biol. 2003. 24:1, 1-8.
Topic area
Environmental pollutant - Pesticide, organochlorine, DDT
Results Comments
Review summary: Individual variability in detoxification capabilities makes risk estimation more difficult. Evaluation of the toxicity of mixtures is important, since if one chemical has fully saturated a detoxification pathway, a very small dose of an additional chemical can then be toxic if it is detoxified via the same pathway. Many chemicals are metabolized into products that are even more toxic.
Author address
INRA-DSPE and University of Avignon, I.H.S., Unite de Biomathematique et Toxicologie, Domaine de Sagne-Soulier, F-07470 Le Lac d'Issarles, France.